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What Are ELF and EMF?

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Electromagnetic fields are found all around us and are the transmission of electrical energy that passes through wires as well as radio signals that are broadcasted are just a couple of the visible light phenomenon that is known as electromagnetic fields. EMF is always consistent as it you cannot have an EMF without both an electrical field and a magnetic field. The frequency at which an electromagnetic field occurs is varied and spreads across what is known as the electromagnetic spectrum.

Cosmic Radiation is the largest form of electromagnetic fields which hopefully none of us will ever have to experience as it would be caused by a nuclear bomb. The other form of electromagnetic fields on the low end of the spectrum is found in your every day household appliances. We have been using the electromagnetic fields in order to generate electricity as well as to communicate and to run appliances. These devices all throw of electromagnetic radiation which we call an electromagnetic field when it when it is found in the low frequencies but EMF and EMR are still the same thing.

Unfortunately, electricity is the most common culprit of electromagnetic fields because it is so easily generated and utilized by people all over the world. When electricity is transported through wires and conduits into the machines it powers it produces an electromagnetic field. Every country in the world has a power grid and whenever electricity is needed and it flows through the grid EMF is also created.

We can see where this massive amount of electricity is coming from by just looking out our windows and seeing the big wooden or metal poles with line attached to them which are fed into transformers which help to process and move along the current without much degradation of power. When this current is delivered and processed it does not stop emitting EMF and will travel through whatever building or appliance it meant for through the wiring.

Working in an office setting gives the human race a larger gamble as far as electromagnetic fields are concerned. You are not just worrying about the currents being brought into your workplace or the existing wiring in the building that automatically throws out EMF but your equipment as well. One of the biggest sources of electromagnetic fields in the workplace are the computers and more specifically the monitors because as the displays operate the current is constantly flowing and fluctuating and if you are in tight quarters you could be getting hit by EMF from all angles.

The health concerns of too much exposure to electromagnetic fields are becoming more and more documented and it is best to protect ourselves by putting in place a dampening field which can be a small device with a sticky back from Aulterra known as “The Neutralizer” (otherwise known as a cell phone radiation blocker) which greatly decreases the EMF generated by electronic devices making it much safer for you. There is no excuse to being subjected to these potentially harmful fields that can cause anything from cancer and miscarriages to nausea and migraines. Take the precautions that are truly needed in order for you to work without having to worry about falling ill.

For more extensive zero point technology details see: Frequency Nutrition.