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Life Force Energy Foods

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

The approach is simple for attaining a higher level of health and beauty.  It begins with a new way to perceive your electrical body.  Did you know that you are made of living frequencies constantly moving to and fro?

You may be surprised to hear about the 2006 study conducted by JAMA, which announced that a low-fat diet had not influence on the rates of breast or colon cancer/c heart attacks and strokes.

In 1905 Albert Einstein created his famous physics formula:  Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.  What this tells us is that all matter consists of various vibrational light matrices or patterns.  All matter (including you) consists of pulsating light energy.

So over 100 years since Einstein proposed his theory, the health industry still doesn’t get it.  We still overlook our body’s connection to light (or energy).  With all our medical advances we still treat our bodies as though we were dense material constructions and need constant supplies of solid food.

This tainted approach has left our society collapsing under the burden of  weight problems, physical and emotional imbalances which were unheard of even a few years ago.  But a simple shift in the nature of what we are can correct many of these anomalies.

While not getting too complicated or oversimplifying what life force or electrical energy really is, energy healers and quantum physicists define it as the intelligent source of all energies that animates our world.  A living conscious matrix that moves in distinct, deliberate ways and has an active energy field.  When you increase the flow of this power in your body you will naturally become more happy, slim and healthy.  And best of all, it’s relatively easy to manage.

It should be clear to us by now that if you eat and drink foods of a low vibration you cannot expect to avoid illness.  What it becomes your daily eating routine your body and mind quickly degenerate until you wake up one day wondering what went wrong.

If the blueprint of our electrical bodies reveals waves of electrical frequencies we must revise our way of thinking when it comes to how we maintain this blueprint.  If we are made of electrical energy we need a diet and supplementation fitted the same way.  All other approaches to dieting or wellness, whether well meaning or not, are limited because they miss the core of our very beings.  For instance, how could unnatural foods with no light sustain your light energy body?  Even if these foods are low in calories and fat grams.  They just create barriers to your potential.

All of us were designed to be high electrical energied beings so we must live in such a way that we maintain that naturally intended vibratory rate.