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EMF Body Protection Items

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

As we are all under assault from ELF and EMF frequencies and their negative impact, it makes sense to do the best we can to avoid these dangers and use tools for that purpose.

In the case of ADD and ADHD, contrary to what we’ve heard, the so-called Attention Deficit doesn’t run in the family. It’s all about what we eat and how we protect ourselves environmentally. The constant assault on our bodies by these kinds of destructive conditions will ultimately lead to a health problem. A health problem is nothing more than a manifestation of energetic inconsistency. The bottom line is to keep yourself in a coherently “balanced” energetic state.

To that end the immune system uses controlling elements like your electrical body to function optimally but when you are stressed it’s difficult to adapt to your environment.  With tools like EMF Jewelry and EMF Body Protection pads and wraps, you are basically in a buffered living space where these effects do not concern you.

That doesn’t translate into not needing doctors or medications anymore, but it does me you’ll feel, look and think better and that you do have options to withstand our toxic environments.