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                                   LifeSource SuperSprouts High Frequency Superfood Formula   

 Experience a totally refreshing, easy mixing drink containing only the finest ingredients.  These highly
 nutritious "super superfoods" are electromagnetically combined with "super sprouts".

 With LifeSource SuperSprouts, you have a tool to:

  • Help you improve energy levels
  • Help you reduce appetite, improve your metabolism and lose weight
  • Help remove toxins including heavy metals
  • Help restore vitality after illness or injury
  • Help relieve your stiff and achy joints and muscles
  • Help you maintain strong bones
  • Help maintain healthier, younger looking hair and skin
  • Help support your immune function and increase resistance to infections
  • Help to improve your mental clarity, alertness and protect your memory
  • Help restore regular elimination and relieve indigestion and heartburn
  • Help keep your arteries from hardening
  • Help lower your risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke
  • Help protect you vision from age related vision loss and blindness (ARMD)
  • Help keep you looking and feeling young

How was LifeSource SuperSprouts Developed?

By selecting the world’s purest and most potent Superfoods and blending them together in ratios determined through the observation of each food’s energy field. This process is known as Energy 
Field Formulations
™.  Do you see the difference between LifeSource and another leading Superfood formula with the following Kirlian photos?

LifeSource at 121 MHz

LifeSource at 121 MHz

A Leading Superfood Product at 82 MHz

A Leading Superfood Product 
at 82 MHz

Superfood describes a food that is naturally concentrated to provide all the nutritional elements 
necessary for optimal health. Many of these foods are found in the first link of the food chain, i.e., 
he plankton which is made purely from sunlight and water, and grasses which are made from soil and sunlight. Since they are so nutrient dense, very little is required to achieve significant nutritional benefit.

These Superfoods also contain phytochemicals that protect the body against many degenerative diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Chlorophyll and beta-carotene in the plankton, are two of the most powerful anticancer phytochemicals discovered. In fact, there is not a degenerative disease that can not be prevented through the increased consumption of these foods.

Many people have experienced the benefits of eating "lighter". Not just physical benefits, but benefits to consciousness and clear thinking. As we let go of the denser foods such as red meat and refined, processed foods, and include more fresh vegetables and fruits, these Superfoods are a valuable bridge for the body to make the necessary transformations

Organic Sprouts that include; Amaranth, Spelt, Broccoli, and Millet in a base of  Chlorella, Organic Spirulina, Wildcrafted Hydrilla sea plant, Organic Barley Juice Concentrate 33:1, Phasophyto green kelp, Rhodophyta Red kelp, and Stevia.

Organic Sprouts are live food!  Sprouting activates the life force from seed and our state-of-the-art drying process preserves the entire nutrient matrix. 

Organic Amaranth: Was the principle grain of the Aztec Indians of South America 5,000 to 7,000 years ago. Called the "golden grain of the Gods" it was the primary foods to nourish infants and to provide energy and strength to soldiers on extended trips. Today, nutritionists often use it in combination with other grains to boost the protein value because of its high lysine content, an amino acid usually missing from other grains.

Organic Spelt: One of the purest and oldest cultivated grains on the planet. Unlike other grains that have been genetically altered to make growing and harvesting easier and more abundant, spelt has been left completely unadulterated. Spelt is considered to be one of the most nourishing of all grains, containing greater amounts of fiber, protein and B-vitamins than any other commercially available grain.

Organic Broccoli: Eat your broccoli! Broccoli has received more research than probably any other vegetable because of its cancer-fighting properties. Broccoli sprouts contain 20 to 50 times more of the identified cancer protective compounds than mature broccoli heads. Sulforaphane, the most researched of all broccolis’ chemical constituents, helps the body’s natural cancer-fighting resources and reduces the risk of developing cancer, according to John Hopkins University researcher, Paul Talalay, MD.

Organic Millet: Is one of the oldest foods known to humans dating back to 2,700 BC. Besides its broad International appeal, it is the staple of the Hunza diet. The Hunzas live in a remote section of the Himalayan foothills and are well known for their excellent health and longevity. Millet is high in fiber, the B-Complex, lecithin, vitamin E, iron, magnesium phosphorous and potassium.

Wildcrafted and Organic Micro-Algae LifeSource SuperSprouts is a rich source of the purest, least processed, low temperature dried chlorella and spirulina available. These phytoplankton provide easily digestible protein which provides all the essential amino acids for optimal metabolism, providing the body with energy and the fuels to grow and rebuild tissue. Chlorophyll cleans the blood, helps the body remove toxins and thereby tends to strengthen immune function. Both chlorophyll and beta-carotene are powerful cancer inhibitors.

The spirulina in LifeSource SuperSprouts is organically grown and unprocessed, leaving the whole cell undamaged. This maintains chlorella's capacity as a chelation agent in removing heavy metals from the body. Most producers of chlorella break the cell wall to improve absorption, but they sacrifice chlorella's real gift to health and that is the removal of heavy metals. 

Wildcrafted Hydrilla — A fresh water algae organically grown in mineral rich pristine waters. Its root structure goes deep into virgin subterranean soil to provide an abundance of all known 
trace minerals including 4 times the amount of calcium than is found in milk. Contains the phytochemical antioxidants; carotenoids, chlorophyll, selenium, vitamin E, and weight to weight, 6 times more vitamin C than contained in a orange. Rich in GLA (gamma linolenic acid).

Kelp — Two rare families of kelp are present in LifeSource SuperSprouts.  They provide a rich source of vital organic trace minerals and yet are very low in minerals that are normally problematic with 
kelp, namely iodine and sodium. Phasophyta green kelp provides the complete spectrum of mineral elements and chlorophyll. Rhodophyta red kelp is rich in beta-carotene and rare trace minerals such as gold, rhodium and iridium. Vital elements for optimal DNA function.

Stevia — Stevia rebaudiana is a shrub indigenous to Brazil. It has been used for years as a natural flavor enhancer by many cultures. Stevia has been the subject of numerous international studies. Many of these studies show that Stevia reduces blood sugar levels and promotes healthy teeth.

Organic Barley Grass 31:1 juice concentrate — Barley grass is also well known for it’s high concentration of chlorophyll, along with calcium, B-vitamins, minerals, as well as protein, enzymes and good natural fiber. Studies indicate that barley grass 
may repair damaged DNA.

Advanced Superfood Technology - 

The process begins by selecting the world’s finest ingredients and blending them together with only one consideration — to maximize the natural life force energy of each ingredient. Through our exclusive formulating technique known as Energy Field Formulations™, we monitor the energy fields of each Superfood through state-of-the art electromagnetic sensing devices.

As the Superfoods are blended together, the subtle energy fields of each are effected by the others. One ingredient at a time, the energy fields are monitored so that the highest synergistic relationship between all the ingredients is achieved. Cost is never considered, only foods that potentate the greatest life force are chosen.

Yes, its amazing!  Even foods that are not know for their good taste, such as algae, seaweed and grass, when properly balanced and tuned harmonically, taste great.  Great addition to any smoothie. Best juices: Apple and Carrot or simply use plain water!

LifeSource SuperSprouts is simply the best Superfood product available anywhere. It is 100% guaranteed to your personal satisfaction.  

LifeSource SuperSprouts, 2 ounce powder, 1 month supply  $19.95  

LifeSource SuperSprouts, 180 vegicaps, 2 month supply  $38.95  

LifeSource SuperSprouts, 7 ounce powder  $58.95  




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